Monday, September 21, 2009

Local Digs

Because I love the idea of mixing vintage pieces in with your regular decor, I am going to post pictures of unique furniture finds from some of our favorite vintage, antique, and consignment stores around Austin. I have learned that if you see something you like that is a good price, you should jump on it, because you will never know if you can find anything like that again. Another thing to keep in mind about vintage furniture is that it can always be repainted/refinished or reupholstered to suite the desired decor. The 2 stores I am featuring today are Room Service Vintage and Uptown Modern. Both of these websites show the bulk of what they have in the store at that time which is awesome!

Room Service Vintage

Could be painted a classic white or black
or a funky color, new hardware

Could be repainted, etc. love existing hardware

Could be repainted and reupholsterd
with a cute print fabric

Side table in Living Room
I think the finish looks good as is!

Uptown Modern 


Saarinen Dining Table
This is a Knoll classic! This retails around $1500,
so if it's less than that it would be a great buy



 These pieces are great as is or painted for dining buffets
or media consoles. If using for tv system check dimensions
to make sure everything will fit!

Teak dresser for bedroom or storage

Trendy yellow accent chair. I can imagine this being a great accent
in rooms like these below:

Cool Accessories



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  1. Jennifer Edwards9/22/09, 8:46 AM

    I love the pieces you have showcased! I have been a fan of uptown modern since Jeans doors opened down the street from me. I remember when aqua was here and their prices were way too high for Austins vintage market...I just hope Uptown Modern doesnt follow the same path. Kirk in 2nd street district has some unusual vintage pieces...just dont look at the prices!!! Great blog Kristen!!