Thursday, September 24, 2009

Let's take this outside!

As fall get's closer in Austin, the cool weather is making me excited about getting outdoors! Yes, that sounds weird to most, but Texas summers are pretty brutal. This means there's not much hanging out outside unless you around or in water. Also, cool weather in Austin means 70's, so it's perfect temps to be outside! Thus the inspiration for today's post- outdoor spaces! Already makes me want to just hang out and relax...

I like unusual but awesome coffee table/flower pot!

The orange cushions are a great contrast to the brown fence behind.
Love the vertical element that the trees add in front of the pattern of the fence.


Bold and beautiful- I like how this one is styled to have the rug off center
and leading to the seating arrangement.

I am a fan and owner of Bali-esque furniture, especially outdoors!

This feels like an artist's paradise

love the natural elements of wood with green plants-
very warm and inviting. Transform at night with twinkling lights strung to fence and candles on table.

I love the fuschia cushions next to the green a brown. Very earthy, but chic!

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