Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Colorstory: Yellow

I know every other design blog has already posted pictures of rooms with yellow in them, but I want to post them too! I never would have thought I liked yellow until I looked at pictures of rooms with yellow accents. There is something about yellow that just feels fresh and cheery- like you could instantly be put in a good mood. I especially love yellow when it's bolder in color and in a more transitional or modern interior. I am not crazy about yellow as much in a traditional interior because it's usually more muted and does not evoke a "fun" feeling in me like the rooms that are more hip.

A fine example of what painting chairs a bold color can
do for a space. Note: they have made this work by putting in
other splashes of yellow in the window treatment and accessories.

I love the combination of yellow with gray.
I also love the grouping of pictures behind the bed
with coordinating graphic prints! This grouping is more unique
because of the number and size of the frames. The subject of the pictures could be taken from fabric, wallcoverings, or another source.

Room with a neutral base and pops of yellow

An example of how painting an antique piece can
modernize and give a more personal appeal to a standard piece
of furniture. Another idea that I am loving is wallpapering the back
of these kinds of cabinets to add another color/texture and to make
display items pop!

Love the contrast of the yellow vases against the wood chest!

A more earthy shade of yellow, but still just as yummy.
I like the way they decided to treat the windows.

Like the bold pops of yellow in the curtains and sofa paired
with white and chocolate brown. The pattern in the rug provides
a perfect grounding element to the space and adds texture to all
the solid colors.

An example of bold color in accessories.

(Pictures from Martha Stewart Living and other awesome blogs I failed to remember)

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