Friday, September 25, 2009

It takes two

One of our clients has a bedroom with a pair of double beds. I happened to find a really cool inspiration picture for unique ways to treat the beds, so the inspiration for this post is lovely bedrooms with a pair of beds. There are some great possibilities out there!

What is creative about this is that they took the fabric up the wall and formed mini canopies. It frames the bed and draws your eye up and through the space.

I wonder if these beds swing or if they are anchored some how? Very cool idea for a beach house.

These are some cool beds frames!
I love everything about this room- especially the hot pink.

I love how all the different patterns work together here. What helps ground the business are the solid colored headboards.

I love the pop of turquoise against the black and white and the pattern/texture of the bedspreads. 

(Pictures courtesy of Desire to Inspire, Elements of Style, Coastal Living, and Elle Decor)

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