Friday, January 7, 2011

Jewelry hanger: Part Deaux

I just wanted to share another jewelry hanger that I made for my sister in law for Christmas. She saw my blog post here about the one I did for myself, and requested one herself! Of course I was honored to make one for her and I decided to fancy hers up a bit with some cute hardware from Anthropologie. If you didn't know, Anthropologie has really cute cabinet and door hardware for the home. It's a little pricey, but worth the money for a unique look. I decided to do Ashley's jewelry hanger in neutrals so that it could go with any decor. I was also excited to use the ever so trendy Chevron pattern on the background. I just love being crafty sometimes! So theraputic :)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Fabulous Finds!

I just wanted to share a consignment store that I pop into a few times a month to check out their treasures. I think this place has great stuff and good prices. They price their items at a starting amount, and then the longer it's there, the price goes down. I have been known to go back in a few days later when the price goes down to get the bargain. Each piece has a tag that tells you the dates that the prices will change. It's a gamble though because if the item is really great, you run the risk of someone else buying before the price goes down. "Ok great, so what's the store?" you're asking. Well I'll tell you. It's Next to New and it's on Burnet. Doesn't look like much does it?

I love it though and I've found lots of great things here! So here are some rad chairs from Design Within Reach- they were there yesterday so if you like them... Get your butt over there! They were $175 for 4 chairs which= $43.75 a chair!! You can't beat that with a stick for good style!
I would consider buying these if I already didn't have a bigillion chairs in my garage waiting for work!

Here are some other things I have found in the past that I thought were cool:
The mirror- not the scarecrow! I think this would be such a cool accent for a Powder Room- esp. if it had some funky wallpaper! 
There was also this mirror I considered buying and painting black for over our bedroom dresser, but I didn't think Merrick would like it.
And this buffet I thought could be a great accent piece painted in another color- the inserts in the top were stone, and I loved the Asian inspired hadware on the doors! 

So what do you think? Stopping by next time you are the area?

Monday, January 3, 2011

Hello Dhurrie!

Right around Christmas I was perusing through Ebay and found these super cute Dhurrie rugs for cheapo. Looks like they're around 4 x 6. I can hear my husband saying how girlie these colors are, but what's wrong with a little GIRL POWER? Love these for an Entry or a Bathroom instead of your basic bath mat.

You can find them here
Your welcome!