Saturday, July 30, 2011

X-Bench before and after!

Our console table is still in progress, but what is finished are our vintage x-base benches! I had the cushions reupholstered in a Pindler fabric and stained the bases a darker chocolate brown to coordinate with the fabric.

Here is the BEFORE:

Upholstered in an awful tan colored vinyl that for some reason was sticky with goo (I have no idea why)

And the AFTER:

The pair of these will sit under the custom console table we are building-I'm beginning the priming process to prep the table for the wallcovering, so it's in the works! Thanks for being patient!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Kool Kitchens

I just wanted to share a conglomeration of my favorite Kitchen inspiration pics! I'm sure I speak for some of you (bloggers and designers especially) when I say that I have TONS of pictures in my library that I save for inspiration of future projects. There's always at least one element that stands out as being unique, or something that qualifies the picture to be saved. Some of them are just pretty. Enjoy!

What I love...Besides the overall aesthetic

 The hood design
 The side profile on this island, combination of light distressed upper cabinets with white modern base cabinets
 The counter to ceiling marble splash
 The upper cabinet design and barstools
 Open shelving, bench seat instead of barstools
 Lighting, cabinet colors
 Combo of big ass rustic wood beam and shiny chrome light fixture
 Combo of sleek, modern and natural, earthy materials
 Pattern of backsplash
Sliding glass upper cabinet doors

Monday, July 18, 2011

When you can't find it, build it yourself!

We are tying up a few decorative loose ends at the Ales house, which is crazy because I don't really have any critical pieces left to shop for when I go out! My husband and I have this blank wall in our Living Room that at the very least needs art. This room also lacks lighting and the primary overhead fixture in this room is a fan with a small light that doesn't really do the job. This is ok because I don't like overhead lights anyways- I'm more about the "mood" lighting, which is provided by lamps. I thought it could be a good idea to do something a little more with the blank wall that just stick a picture on it, although we are doing that in addition to some other things. What we'll have is a console table that is open underneath with 2, x-base benches (that can be pulled out for extra seating), a pair of vintage lamps for extra lighting, and a large picture of my husband's photography. I felt like our Living Room already had enough wood and dark wood going on, so I wanted the console table to be a different material, lighter in color, as to not add too much weight to that side of the room. I also wanted the benches and lamps (which are darker in color) to stand out against the console table. I was inspired by some of Jan Shower's end tables that are wrapped in grasscloth paper and trimmed out on the edges with nail heads. I decided to go in this direction for the design of the console. Thankfully, my husband is pretty talented when it comes to carpentry, so he was able to make the table with the help of our builder friend Greg Brooks who has all the tools and the know how! Here are some pictures in progress...

What we did:
-Bought one large sheet of 3/4" MDF- I think it was 4' x 8'.
-Cut sheet down to pieces to construct the 60"w x 18"d x 31"h table. We glued/screwed 3 pieces of the 3/4" MDF together to create the 2 1/4" thickness.
-Next up: wrapping with the grasscloth wallpaper and adding the nail head trim...

STAY TUNED! I also will have a before and after on the benches which are still in progress.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I really love the calming vibe that neutral interiors give off. Some of you may think they are boring, and that's ok! If we all liked the same things, THAT would be boring! For those of you that like neutrals-this post is for YOU! I like the juxtaposition of calming neutrals with a little texture brought in through natural or ethnic elements and a little bit of modern. It's clean, but kind of rustic. Modern, but kind of earthy. Personally, I'd have to inject a pop of color somewhere for some more warmth, but I like the combination of materials and styles from these inspiration pics...

PAUSE FOR A SEC- I want these pants!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Orange Crush

As you've probably read or seen me post on my blog before, I have a crush on Orange. It's kinda of a selective crush though because I like it most when it's in small doses! A pop of Orange here and there mixed in with modern lines and neutral colors adds such a warm, energetic vibe to a space. I've definitely incorporated some of this into my own home, so I can't wait to share when I get it all finished. I have some other DIY projects to share as well, so stay tuned for that... Ok-so back to crushing on Orange. Here are some of my favorite examples of modern, neutral colored spaces with small pops of orange. Are you crushing yet??