Thursday, June 30, 2011

Funkdafied Tiles

It's not often that you see tiles really being taken to the limit in colors and patterns in residences. I find that most people, even when doing a multi-million dollar home want to stay classic with the tile selections, which I can totally understand for resale value. I go back and forth between super classic, clean looking materials like Carrera and Calcutta marbles and travertines to more unique designed tiles or funky patterns created by the tiles- I honestly love both! Maybe you can get the best of both worlds by taking classic materials/colors and combining them in an unexpected pattern. Some tiles are available in the sizes you need to create your pattern, while others can be cut down from stock sizes to create your pattern. I would love the opportunity to do a more "outside-the-box" installation of tiles for a project! Who's got the guts?!

Check out some of these inspiration pics for unusual tile patterns!

Take a classic white subway tile and do black or grey grout for contrast instead of your classic white!

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