Friday, June 10, 2011

Another brilliant idea from Eddie Ross

When I stumbled across this super easy, super affordable, super good looking project the other day on Eddie Ross's blog, I couldn't wait to share! I  mean how awesome is this? 1. You take a bookcase- could be the Billy from Ikea, or any old bookcase you want to refurbish 2. Cut pieces of foam core the same size as the back of the shelves-maybe a little tiny bit smaller so you can get them back there 3. Find an awesome fabric and wrap around the foam core 4. Insert in the backs of the bookcase 5. Voila! To top it off, the foam core pieces are removable so you can change the fabric out with your decor!





  1. Yes, I agree that is totally awesome! I have a lot of vintage wallpaper that I would use instead of fabric. Very cool!

  2. Vintage wallpaper sounds great too! And yes, Eddie Ross's creativity amazes me :)

  3. what a nifty idea!