Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cheap or Chic?

Lately, I've really been thinking a lot about white, modern dining chairs. I especially love these when they are paired with the rawness of a natural wood dining table. I think it provides a great contrast of color and material. My current dining chairs have upholstered backs and seats (waiting for a great new fabric), but they are starting to feel a little traditional, even though they have a more sleek lined frame. I'm starting to lean towards a more modern look in my Dining Room and have been looking at these kinds of pics for inspiration. The thing about the plywood or plastic chairs is that they are super low maintenance, but sometimes they can feel cheap. And this is where my husband stops on his decision for these. Maybe I need to buy one and test it out in the space before I commit to all 4... What do you think?

So this is my dining table from 4 Hands Home:
I think I'd prefer NOT to do an Eames chair, only because they feel overdone to me. Ones I'm considering in my price range:

Scoop Back chair from West Elm


Echo White Chair from CB2.

What do you think? Cheap or Chic?


  1. I like your idea of buying a couple of chairs to accent the table seating arrangement.
    I also like the bench idea from the previous post. What do you think of combining the two different elements - artificial vs. natural - in the same seating arrangement?

  2. can you post a picture of the chairs you have now? that would be helpful. I'm no designer, but I've always looked at these types of chairs and thought 'cheap' not 'chic.' But that's just my two cents.

  3. Maybe I wasn't very clear-If I chose to do the plywood chairs, I would use all plywood chairs and get rid of the chairs I have now. As far as combining artificial with natural, I like contrast and juxtaposition of different materials and styles for a collected and layered look. I currently have a bench at my table, so yes, these would be paired with a bench seat. Thanks for your thoughts!