Monday, June 27, 2011

Art inspiration

I think this painting is going to be the new inspiration for my Master Bedroom.

I've definitely been planning to paint my own large scale painting for a feature wall. I'm wanting to keep the colors in the room fairly neutral with creams and black, but add a pop of Jade Green, kinda similar to this picture-

So maybe color in the art, a green throw on the bed (where do I get this?), or maybe Euro shams, and maybe some cool ceramic or glass accessories? Originally I wanted the green Mad Men style head board, but I think I'm chickening out on this! Walls I'm thinking a warm shade of grey.Window treatments like below with a tape trim-

This is actually my exact dresser-look waaaay in the back... You can't tell, but it has a black, Asian style legged base and rectangular brass pulls that probably need to be polished.

Nightstands-something custom and modern with an open bottom and drawer, painted black with a light stained wood drawer front for contrast. My Dad's friend builds furniture as a hobby, so I'm thinking I may call on his services...
What do you think? Do you have any art pieces inspiring you lately?

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  1. LOVE! And I think you should go for the headboard!