Friday, October 15, 2010

Warrenton Finds!

You asked for it... Things that caught my eye...
 Alabaster lamp- perfect with a black shade
 Groovy andirons
 Light fixtures made out of scrap pieces-love.
 Whimsical lanterns galore
 I was thinking this would make a great coffee table with a piece of glass added to it, but then the guy said he was going to make a pendant light fixture out of it- how great is that?!
 Love this ruffle detail on the lampshade. Note to self.
 Liked the thick welt on these cushions.
 Fabo mirror
 These chairs remind me of a 50's ice cream parlor!
 I thought these doors would be rad with new glass or not depending on your interior
 Loved the carving on this cute fireplace mantle!
 One great lamp display, although they were still out of my budget
 This could make a great headboard!
 Almost bought this as a side table but it was a little too short
 Another great headboard...
 Awesome Kilim rug, not in budget for me either :(
 SUPER duper rad ikat throw. I would love this to be a comforter on a bed.
 Some unique ironwork

 OMG I love this cabinet!
 And this table
 the Moroccan detailing
 AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST- our take homes for the day! I can't believe I only left with a small Kilim purse a few vintage bracelets and a pillow for the trailer! Can't wait to go back next year!!

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