Thursday, October 7, 2010

I heart Etsy!!

I know I haven't posted any antique pictures yet, but I will. I promise. I am going to divert for a sec. to show you an awesome seller on Etsy. Prices are decent. Good finds. This is my inspiration site for when I finally decide to create my own shopping website. Note to self- start this soon, would ya? For now, peruse through these awesome vintage finds from Estate Eclectic...Here's a few that I really like.

 OMG Jenny! Are these your bowls from Warrenton??


  1. They sure are!! So you have posted at least 1 photo of the Antique Show. :-) Six cute bowls for $5 wasn't bad at all!

  2. Christen--Can't believe I'm only finding this post now. Thank you for the Estate Eclectic shout out! I really appreciate it and am very happy to have found your blog.