Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A very, merry DIY Christmas!

Let's face it. Most of us are on a budget. Throw in what you've got for presents and there's not much left over! If you like the idea of crafting, being creative, and being proud of something YOU made, then check out some of these clever holiday decorating ideas bound to make your home a little extra special this year ;)

1. Can't find your holiday decorating colors? These ornaments were made with clear glass/plastic ornaments and simply filling the inside of them with a (non-flammable) acrylic craft paint color of your choice!

2. More with clear glass/plastic ornaments- fill it with literally whatever! The possibilities are endless!

3. Want that all natur-al, neutral, vintage theme? I saw a version of these at Anthropologie!

Make your own version with different colored or patterned paper. Add buttons, etc. Here's another paper tree to get your wheels spinning:

4. Start saving your toilet paper rolls! Trash can become treasure. Can you say R-E-C-Y-C-L-E? 

Another creative version of this toilet paper roll flower:

5. Paper ornaments 101. These are ridiculously easy. I actually made the larger ones, but plan to make the smaller tree ornaments to match ;) 

6. Yarn, not just for knitting! These ornaments are super customizable and cute to boot. 

7. Felt. Your friend. 

And MORE ornaments!

Check out the DIY board on my Pinterest for source info and how-to's!

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