Tuesday, November 15, 2011

It's looking a little like Fall

I think most states have already entered into a season of Fall and temperatures have started to dip, sweaters and scarves are coming out, and leaves are starting to change. Here in Texas, we don't really have fall per say- we get some cold fronts, the leaves change a little... WE GOT RAIN TODAY!!! Since Thanksgiving is just around the corner, I'm feeling a little inspired by all things that feel Fall.

1. Birch Bark candle holders- Bragging Bags, Etsy.
2. Crisp fall days paper garland- Arts Delight, Etsy.
3. Book page pumpkins-Pinterest.
4. Empty Nest photograph. Lucysnowephotography, Etsy.
5. Cozy living room-Pinterest.
6. Gemstone earrings- Art Inspired Gifts, Etsy.
7. Autumn sunset loop scarf- White Moth, Etsy.
8. October Dusk photograph- Ara133photography, Etsy.
9. Autumn yarn wool organizer- Blueroom Pottery, Etsy.
10. Woven burlap ribbon- Gorustic, Etsy.
11. Yummy fall desserts- Pinterest.
12. Vintage geode bookends- Kingsdownroad, Etsy
13. Fall fashion- Pinterest. 

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