Friday, December 2, 2011

What's your Christmas style?

The decorating possibilites for Christmas can be more than your traditional red and green. I'm starting to see the injection of more creative combinations of colors with the standard Christmas tree, garlands, etc. A great way to incorporate your Christmas colors and style is through the ornaments placed on your tree or as accessories around the room, like an accent bowl on your coffee table filled with ornaments. Another way to inject your Christmas style and colors into your home is with your gift wrapping paper. Choose patterned paper or use a standard brown paper and wrap with colorful bows or ribbons. I've even seen patterns drawn onto the brown paper with gold or silver paint pens! A colorful pillow or throw is another great way to tie in the colors. I think a great centerpiece on the dining table also adds interest, and it doesn't have to be flowers! Think objects or even hanging something over the table or incorporate with your light fixture if possible. Last year I did a neutral Christmas with metallic accents. You can check out the pictures here. This year I've decided to go a little more modern and am using the metallics and neutrals with pops of lime green, hunter green, and turquoise. I'll be sure to post pics once everything is set up! I thought it would be fun to put together a board with a funky-retro Christmas style, and yes, I will be listening to the James Brown Christmas station on Pandora at our Christmas party! 

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