Wednesday, January 20, 2010


WHY ARE BUDGET FRIENDLY NIGHTSTANDS SO SMALL? Seriously, they're short and small in width. I'm a huge fan of larger nightstands, one because they are better in scale to a large bed, and two, if they are tall enough your lamps show off better and you don't spill the water next to your bed.

I would love this! Drawers, book storage, and all! Also vintage which makes me smile :)

Hi! I'm too small!

On a side note, I discovered Tuesday Morning for the first time yesterday and I think I'm in LOVE!


  1. Oh, Tuesday Morning! I used to spend my allowance there in elementary school on china tea cups, stationary, organizers, and the like. So glad you two met!

    PS: The Burnet Road one is the best.

  2. Tuesday Morning is the bomb diggity!

  3. Yes- Burnet is where it's at!