Wednesday, January 6, 2010

They call it Mellow Yellow

Parlour Sofa from CB2

Wrap Dining Chair from West Elm 
Trace Rug from CB2

Pillow and rug from West Elm

So it looks like yellow is going to be the new trendy color for spring. I'm actually kind of excited because I've really been liking it lately! I don't know if my own house could take it, or if I'd would actually use it, but I love seeing it in other interiors. One interior that will be able to use it in however, is our new camper! How accidentally trendy is this...

(Photo taken by my hubby of course ;))
When Merrick showed me the picture of this beauty I was automatically super stoked about the yellow banding on the outside! I'm hoping I can bring some more yellow into the interior in the curtains and wallpaper on back wall behind the sink. I would also like to paint the cabinets a shade of white and maybe trim the cabinet molding in a shade of yellow. I think it will be really fun to update the camper with a more modern flare while still keeping it's retro roots!

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