Monday, January 18, 2010

It's all in the details

I really like it when architects or designers throw in the extra little surprise factor in the millwork or architectural details that is either super aesthetic, original, or functional, and leaves you saying, "Wow, now that's neat!"

This is no ordinary archway into the dining area- this Moroccan detail gives a more whimsical approach to an otherwise traditional archway. 

What a creative approach to a door- this adds storage and creates architectural interest in the room while still functioning as a door

At first this was hard for me to tell what was going on, but the double doors in between the countertops lead to a pantry beyond

How cute is this reading nook/day bed? I love the side millwork details of the bed and the octagonal shape of the opening above.

The door of this closet also functions as shoe storage! Also love the mirrored fronts to the island.
Wouldn't we all love to have a closet this chic!

I really like how the fireplace mantle is continuous with the adjacent bookshelf.

I like the non-traditional design of this bookshelf and how the shelves don't go all the way to the end of the frame. Very cool Phoebe Howard...

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