Thursday, November 12, 2009

Design Trend faux pas

Seriously? And I hope not... Is this being called a trend because it evokes thoughts of Christmas eultide and Santa Claus, or because it's not Thanksgiving yet, but retailers are already selling Christmas (or "Holiday") gear? I'm sorry, but this does not shout "OMG I have to have that in my house", well I guess that is if your initials are S.C. Thoughts anyone?? This is one unique trend alert by Elle Decor magazine that I'm going to have to disagree with.



  1. Merrick Ales11/12/09, 2:43 PM

    I'm gonna have to agree.. No way we're putting that chair in our house! ;-)

  2. Ugh! I see wooden ducks and gun racks when I see all that plaid. Especially that chair. Ewwwww... Definitely agree with you lady!