Friday, November 13, 2009

And now for some GREAT fabrics!

I just discovered a new blog "I Suwannee" which I am super stoked about. I'm super jealous that I do not live in NC anymore because this stylish lady is opening up a store in Raleigh called "Furbish Studio". It looks like she carries lots of modernized vintage pieces, which I LOVE! So I'm checking out her blog and I see this awesome bench she has reupholstered with this awesome fabric.

How cute is this!

So now I'm thinking OMG I want that fabric! Where is it from? So I do some research, and find out that it's from a line called Quadrille, which I feel like I've heard of, but just had no idea how many great fabrics they have! Pretty fabrics usually come for a pretty penny, so I'm hoping they aren't $100/yard! We'll see... In the meantime, check out their website! Here are just a few examples of the types of fabrics they carry.


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  1. BOO! fabrics are $100/yd...