Thursday, March 17, 2011

Eat in Kitchens

So this idea is a little outside the box, in my opinion. Eat-in Kitchens. Ok, I guess it's not that different from an island, but the concept is cool. It seems like a great idea for houses with limited space, but enough room inside the kitchen to set a table and chairs. I've always loved the look of an old rustic dining table and rustic wood islands, so this is kinda like combining the two. I think it's an interesting idea for casual dining. Can't decide if I'd want to pull this look in my own home, but it looks good in pictures! What do you think?

 Picture this with chairs around it...
 Small breakfast area attached to the cabinetry.


  1. I thought about this idea for our kitchen. We were going to remove an interior wall to open the kitchen up to the living room and put in a long dining/island in the middle with chairs. It would be perfect but I'm not sure if it would affect resale value of the house.

  2. That sounds cool! It seems like someone would want a more open floor plan and bigger kitchen, but I'd have to get a second opinion from a realtor to see their perspective. Lisa and Vinny thought about the same thing in their house!