Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cool Cabinets

Since I'm also in the process of painting our Kitchen cabinets, I've really been noticing other Kitchen pictures with painted cabinets. If the situation allowed in our house, I would love to do this...

I love how the doors are a darker, different color from the face frames. What also works about this look is the light color countertops, completing the white frame around the dark cabinet doors. I'm also totally loving the Persian rug! I really need one of these. BAD. Note: the reason I don't think this will work in our house is because A) Our Kitchen is A LOT smaller than this B) Our cabinet doors are overlay instead of inset or European C) I don't have white walls D) I have upper cabinets. E) my countertops aren't white
I think the best thing for us to is be consistent with the color to make our Kitchen appear larger. Too many color and materials in our small kitchen would make too many visual distractions. Comprende?

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