Monday, July 26, 2010

Jewelry Storage

I am in desperate need of some jewelry storage since the piles on my dresser are really starting to get old. I'm going back and forth between just using a standard jewelry box vs. something more creative. I've been saving all all of these pictures for ideas when I get around to this daunting organizational project!
This is super cute, however I'm not sure how practical...
This I love for bracelet display
This looks like an easy do-it-yourself idea for the closet
Another idea for the closet, however it doesn' t have to be. 
This is a sheet metal that would normally be used for furniture. I love the Moroccan pattern! Maybe you could insert this is some type of frame?


  1. I found a small set of deer antlers and I hung those in the bathroom to hang my jewelry on. They work great!

  2. I use a wall birdcage decoration that's meant for pictures. Works great for earrings and necklaces... i might add some nails for the bracelets.