Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hallmark project

Recently, I had the privalege of helping my boss with the design of her family's vacation home near Winter Park, Co. My husband and I were blessed with the opportunity to go and help her with the styling and photography. Merrick did such a great job of capturing the warmth and beautiful setting of this house! We also got to ski and visit with friends while we were there, so it was an added bonus to the trip. You can check out more of my boss's work on her website.

Front exterior at dusk

Front exterior at dawn

Back exterior- I love the group of chairs and the moon in the background!

Great Room- I love how the orange really warms up the room and is complimentary to the blue mountains outdoors.


I like the beadboard backsplashes in the cabinets on either side of the refrigerator

I think this shot is so cute with the chicken soap!

Activity Room- the custom pool table was amazing- wood log base and horeshoes around the corner ball baskets.

Bunk Room- so cozy! The handles are made from recycled ski cables-thanks to Sue Steffen for that idea!

Master Bedroom

Master Bathroom

Gallery Vignette- I love the soft hide chair and the wood and iron textures together.

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  1. Hello Christen! I really enjoyed looking at the pictures! You and Merrick did a great job. I just painted our kitchen and am thinking of doing the backsplash. I would love to do something like the kitchen in this house, but my kitchen is really tiny in comparison! Your website looks great-- wish I had the budget to hire your services!